The Biggest Producer of Drip Irrigation Pump

Iran is one of the industrialized countries that includes various factories and industries in the field of production of various irrigation pumps. The biggest wholesale market for drip irrigation pumps is online sales centers. The company has made it possible for customers to order and purchase a variety of pumps, including drip irrigation pumps, by launching an online store. You can buy all kinds of first-class irrigation pumps with the best quality and the lowest price in the desired number.

The Biggest Producer of Drip Irrigation Pump

Which Pumps Are Used for Drip Irrigation?

Which Pumps Are Used for Drip Irrigation?

Water sources in agriculture are either aqueducts, wells or rivers, which often lack the potential energy to supply the pressure required by the drippers. Therefore, a pump should be used to increase water energy. Several factors are involved in the selection of the pump and the design of the pumping station for irrigation.

For example, the power of a pump will depend on how deep the water is to be pumped, at what height the farm or garden is relative to the pump, what the pumping flow should be, what connections and control valves are used in the piping network. Or what is the required pressure in the drippers? Today, different various pump usages have led to their high diversity in various fields. The most common types of pumps used in drip irrigation are:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Turbine pumps
  • Vane pumps

Centrifugal pumps are used for cases where we want to increase the relatively small flow to a great height. In these pumps, the direction of water flow inside the pump is radial. In flow turbine pumps, the flow is usually medium and the height at which water is given is also medium. However, in vane pumps, the amount of pressure is high and the height at which the water is raised is low. In these pumps, the direction of water flow is axial. There are also different types of centrifugal pumps and they are usually used in places where the suction height does not exceed 6 meters.

Drip Irrigation Pump Wholesaler

Drip Irrigation Pump Wholesaler The major supply and sale of drip irrigation pumps in the country is done in various ways. The cheapest and most cost-effective way to prepare a drip irrigation pump is to buy it from reputable sales agents in the market.

The advantage of buying an irrigation pump from a dealer is that you can buy the original irrigation pump with after-sales service. Of course, if your time to go to the market is limited, you can also register orders for various types of irrigation pumps with your specifications through this website, so that the company’s experts can contact you as soon as possible.

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