solar powered water pump import for irrigation

As solar power is considered a new and easy-to-implement technology, some countries settled to import solar powered water pump for irrigation purposes.

By increasing global demands on food, needs for developing farming have been expanded. so, solar powered pump becomes a favorite product for importers and some farmers as they don’t have access to power system, decided to use solar power to supply their electricity requirement. As a result, this power system turns a blockbuster in the business world and becomes a big win for global importers.

With progress of machinery development, water pumps have become one of the most crucial tools in agricultural industry. Based on your type of water source or the kind of irrigation system, you need a pump to position water from water source to the position discharge place. It doesn’t matter you are using the pump for your house or an arboretum; there should be a machine for moving water to the discharge place.

As you are already familiar with this fact, water pump needs electricity to run but unfortunately some farmers are not able to use electricity system due to some reasons such as expensive cost of electricity, being far from power network and having adaptable structure to name a few more. That is why importers decided to start on running a business in solar powered water pump.

solar powered water pump import for irrigationsolar powered water pump materials

when you hear the name of a solar powered water pump materials, probably you think that this will be a very expensive and convoluted system but the truth is not what you think however, except solar pumps, importers import other materials to support their customers and earn money.

As you can guess by the name, a solar system definitely has solar panels. By having an initial search about components of a solar system, you will find out that a solar system firstly requires some components such as Solar Panels, Inverters, Central Inverters, Micro Inverters, Racking Systems, Ground mounts, Ballasted Roof Mounts, Flush Roof Mounting.

Do you actually need to have all of these mentioned components to run a solar system?

The primary answer in no! for supplying your irrigation pump, first of all you need solar panels to collect sun’s energy and change it to electricity. As the prepared energy is Directed Current (DC), it can be changed to Alternating Current (AC) because most of available pumps in market are AC and it makes the converter as an essential component in solar system but there is possibility of using DC pumps which are a little bit more expensive.

To use a converter in your solar system is not just for conversion of DC to AC. There is a further reason which can possible to use of the solar panels in cloudy and low light days. Having an inverter is a high power back up that keeps your water pumps working even without solar. Therefore, up to know we need two components, solar panel, inverter. The next component, the very central part of the solar powered water pump is the pump.

solar powered water pump materials

As it is discussed earlier, the type of pump is related to the water source. It is possible all type of pumps which need electricity to work.

Bear in mind that for preventing subsequent consequences, the produced electricity should match with the required electricity.

For having a semi-system solar pump (also called photovoltaic mounting systems), you can use racking system but it is not really needed. Racking system is used for having fixed panels.

Based on the diagram of solar system you can assemble it at ease. The solar panels catch solar energies and change it to DC electricity then the inverter converse it to AC electricity and it is transferred to pump by cable. The pump starts to work and elevate water from water source next you can storage water in the storage tank.

That is almost over with solar powered water pump materials. As you see, this is not that much complicated, additionally there is a huge demand on running solar systems all over the world. So, this is a new technology which can solve water supplying problem and on top of that a strategic product for import.

solar powered water pump materials

solar powered water pump for irrigation

solar power is called for the process of changing sunlight to the electricity. Through past few years by increasing the effect of greenhouse gases, it was decided to find a solution for getting around of further disasters so mindsets have been changed step by step and scientists found out using renewable energies such as wind, tides, waves, sunlight and geothermal heat will be a game changer. We know this fact that between the mentioned renewable energies, solar power is the most well-liked one as it is easy to use and user-friendly to operate.

However, this is not the only reason for operating a solar powered pump. As in some countries the cost of fuel is much expensive and it is not safe to storage fuel as a result, by having a solar powered pump you can save money as it catches available free sun light to produce energy. besides, this is a proper tool for those who are far from electricity and don’t have access to electricity network. This system has long operating life which is adopted for sunny and semi-sunny weather so it is highly reliable and well durable. With a quick search on web, you will notice that this system is easy to operate. Solar powered pump, as we mentioned earlier, uses renewable energy. Obviously, this is an Eco-friendly system.

All in all, solar powered pump is becoming a crucial equipment in agricultural industry. Moreover, as its advantages mentioned earlier, farmers intend to use this method for having a solar powered pump because this system will balance their costs. furthermore, solar systems are adoptable with all type of pumps and almost all method of irrigation. It is safe for you and our earth to have a solar power system and you can save money by owning it because solar energy is free and available. By increasing the number of solar pump users, importers have a tendency to import this product.

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