Irrigation Water Pump Production

The irrigation water pump for sale offers a variety of product models online so that customers across the country can easily obtain any type of water pump they need. The domestic water pump is used to boost and increase water pressure for residential use and is a device that converts electrical force into mechanical force to change the transfer of water to different floors of buildings.

 Irrigation Water Pump Production

Top 5 Benefits of Irrigating Farms by Water Pump

Top 5 Benefits of Irrigating Farms by Water Pump Features of the water pump usages include the following options:

1. It has smaller dimensions than other pumps.

2. Its weight is lighter than other water pumps, so it is easier to move. Household water pumps are produced in different types, some of which we have briefly mentioned for your familiarity:

  • 1. Motogen home water pump: In the piping route, to use this type of water pump, small knees and bends should be used, and a straight pipe should be created at least 5 times the suction diameter at the suction connection and between the knees.
  • 2. Pump with expansion tank: Compared to other water pumps to maintain it, timely control and service are required which consists of an automatic switch, a pump and a five-way, and the ratio of water consumption is determined by the source of its expansion.
  • 3. Home water pump with automatic switch: You should consider the amount of opening and closing of the valve to use the automatic switch because every time the valve is opened and closed, the automatic switch starts and the pump starts working.
  • 4. Household water pump booster: In apartments and large centers that consume a lot of water, this model of water pump should be used because its maintenance cost is low and its components can be pressure gauges, electric pumps, inverters, Control panels and… pointed out.
  • 5. Silent home water pump: As its name implies, it is silent and does not cause noise pollution.
  • 6. Water dish of a plate horse: Used for buildings with a maximum area of ​​75 meters.

Irrigation Water Pump Direct Supply

Irrigation Water Pump Direct Supply You can see the types of product models using the catalog of home water pumps and select the desired irrigation pumps according to your needs, for example, home water pumps in the types of one horse, half horse, two horses and one and a half There are horses, each of which has a specific application, for example, for a building with an area of ​​150 meters and a floor of a half-horse domestic water pump.

For buildings with a maximum area of ​​100 meters and have 10 units and five floors, a one-and-a-half-horsepower two-impeller domestic water pump is the best option for them. 14 units and five floors are suitable 4-horsepower domestic water pump with two three-phase impellers will be suitable for buildings with 100 square meters and 20 units.

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