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According to the high demand for high-pressure water jet pumps, it becomes a very valuable product for retailers and can make a killing by retailing this machine. A water jet pump is a kind of centrifugal pump that becomes one of the most widely used pumps for different purposes such as boosting water pressure, heating and cooling systems, industrial washing systems, water suppling for houses and apartments, agricultural uses, hatchery and aviculture purposes, fountain and decoration purposes, industrial and agricultural desalination plants, car washing purposes and watering and dewatering pools. A high-pressure water jet pump by evacuating in the suction part eliminates air and throws water. This machine is mostly used for pumping fluid or in the other words, sucking water from a depth of the ground. The jet water pump which is known as well a self-priming pump in the market is used for transferring clear and potable water that is not abrasive which can damage the interior parts of the pump. pumps made of cast housing and steel impellers are better suited for fluids with alkaline and acidic properties. By having a flap valve in the high-pressure water jet pumps, this pump can suck water from almost 8 meters. Undoubtedly, high-pressure water jet pumps become an attractive agricultural tool for retailers by mentioning their usage. As this pump is used for many purposes, users tend to employ high-pressure water jet pumps.



high-pressure water jet pump price

As a high-pressure water jet pump is a product with a different configuration, the price of that depends on knowing the specifications.

Bear in mind For choosing each pump that meets your requirements and meets them in an efficient manner, the pump should be matched with the purpose of use. This purpose is related to power, water flow and head to name a few more.

First of all, the power of a pump is the amount of mechanical power that the motor part of a pump makes and transfers to a fluid which is measured in Horse Power (HP) or Kilo Watt (KW).

Second of all, the maximum water flow is an important specification of a pump that should be taken into account. In fact, this is the amount of water that a pump delivers in a time frame. This specification is measured from the outlet of the pump which the pump has the most water flow.” Q max” which is measured in Liter per Minute (L/min) or Cubic meter per Hour (M3/H), means current per interval.
Third of all, the Maximum head or pressure is considered another pump’s specification. This characteristic means the distance between where the pump is located and the place water is delivered. in addition, it is measured in meters or feet.

Next, the size of the outlet pipe is affecting the whole price as it is influencing the price of initial cost and operating cost.

Also, the size of the pump is as important as the size of the outlet pipe. Both pipe size, inlet and outlet are somewhat dependent on each other.

Simply stated, the price of a high-pressure water jet pump depends on the configuration. By knowing or finding them, it is easy to obtain the price as any small changes can have an effect on the configuration and as a result change the whole price.

high-pressure water jet pump price

high-pressure water pump industrial use

On the subject of high-pressure water pumps, it is mentioned earlier that a self-priming pump is used for agricultural, domestic, industrial and commercial purposes. Industrial uses as the main topic of this part consist of watering and dewatering clear or gray water, pumping fuel, raw sewage, industrial wastewater and liquid transfer system to name a few more.

The difference between a centrifugal pump and a high-pressure jet water pump is often discussed yet rarely misunderstood. To understand this matter better, it is needed to look at the water flow curve, maximum head and maximum flow. A self-priming pump can obtain a higher pressure and head in the curve. it is while the water flow of a centrifugal pump is more than the self-priming pump although the head of the centrifugal pump is less than a self-priming pump. for instance, a 1 hp centrifugal pump compared to a 1 hp self-priming pump can deliver 6 m3/h water with 33 meters head it is while the self-priming pump delivers 3 m3/h with 52 meters. So, in choosing a proper pump the bottom line is about water flow and head.

Also, self-priming pumps are mostly ideal for steam boilers and tanks because of suction energy compared to centrifugal pumps.

Clearly, a high-pressure water pump is a handy tool for industrial uses since it is in accordance with different situations where the head of the pump is more important than other factors. As it is discussed earlier, a self-priming pump compared to a centrifugal pump has a higher head and lesser water flow.

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