Garden Irrigation Pump Exportation

Best water pumps are divided into household, agricultural and industrial according to what kind of applications they are used for. Garden irrigation pumps are generally divided into three categories: centrifugal, jet and ambient pumps. The components of these devices are different. These pumps are also divided into types of the half, one, one and a half and two horsepower based on engine power.

 Garden Irrigation Pump Exportation

2 Best Pump for Irrigating Garden

2 Best Pump for Irrigating Garden The function of all pumps is to increase the water pressure and the intensity of the water flow which means that the flow rate increases the water output. In terms of voltage, there are two types of pumps in the market, single-phase and three-phase which have different efficiency. If a building has three-phase electricity, a three-phase pump is a better option for these buildings because these pumps are more energy-efficient and also have a longer lifespan. Among the types of Iranian domestic garden pumps, we can mention the environmental electric pump, which is also responsible for light industrial works, and in addition to the domestic market, also has a foreign market and these products are also exported abroad. In short, if we want to introduce the mechanical properties of these pumps, we must say that the body is made of cast iron, the shaft is made of stainless steel, and the impeller of the pump is made of brass. Another type of Iranian pump is the plate pump. The output flow of these pumps is higher than the peripheral pump type.

The material of the same components of this pump is homogeneous with the environment. Due to the intensity of the output current, most of these pumps are used in addition to domestic consumption for irrigation of farms and agriculture and industrial applications. But the maximum temperature of the fluid that enters it must be lower than the ambient models. More than this amount can damage the pump. Perhaps it can be said that this is the only weakness of this pump compared to the type of peripheral pump. A suicide pump is also one of the types of Iranian pumps that this type is used for low buildings, irrigation of agricultural lands and as an industrial support pump.

Biggest Wholesale Garden Irrigation Pump Suppliers

Biggest Wholesale Garden Irrigation Pump Suppliers These systems are installed in places to supply water with a certain pressure and flow rate only to extinguish possible fires in places. This system is used to increase the security of different places. This system must be very intelligent, so the flow and water pressure in this system must be calculated according to fire regulations and national building regulations to have the necessary efficiency. A fire pump booster must have three components of an electric pump, a diesel engine and a pump jockey, and each requires a separate electrical panel.

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