3 Main Factors to Export Irrigation Booster Pump

The irrigation booster pump in Iran is very high quality and competes with its foreign counterparts. As a result, due to low prices and high quality, many countries want to export irrigation pumps. It should also be noted that in addition to the low price of the product, due to the low wages of workers, many countries record their needs and Iranian sellers have exported the product.

3 Main Factors to Export Irrigation Booster Pump

Main Difference between a Pressure Pump and the Booster Pump

Main Difference between a Pressure Pump and the Booster Pump The difference between a pressure pump and a booster pump may seem confusing and specialized at first glance, but it is not a complicated matter, although their structure and function are completely different, and each operates differently.

Keep in mind that the foundation of both pump devices is the same. Both pumps are used to increase water pressure; However, one of the pumps is used for smaller and more limited buildings and the other for large residential buildings and large workshops.

In the following, we have defined each device separately:

A water pressure pump is a device that is commonly used in residential, office, and buildings. This pump is used to increase the water pressure of buildings. In fact, in the absence of a pump, it is not possible to suck water from the water tank and transfer water to the pipes, and residents face the problem of low water pressure.

While the booster pump is used when the pump does not have enough power to transfer and suck water. In fact, today we see the rise of large buildings and several floors, and a water pressure pump can not cause water transfer alone. In fact, it can be said that due to the limited capacity of pumps, booster pumps are used in many buildings.

In fact, the difference between a water pressure pump and a booster pump can be considered the same. A booster pump is a device that has several pumps, each of which is closed in parallel and in groups next to each other. Irrigation pumps are used in large complexes, large workshops, and agricultural lands.

Irrigation Booster Pump in Bulk

 Irrigation Booster Pump in Bulk Irrigation booster pumps typically remove water from ponds or reservoirs and re-water it for irrigation purposes. The sellers of various types of pumps and booster pumps have tried to sell different types of pumps both in-person and online in order to obtain customer satisfaction and provide more comfort to customers. It should be noted that in both sales cases, it is possible to buy bulk products. In bulk purchases, due to the elimination of intermediaries, profiteers, and brokers, the final price of the pump is significantly reduced and additional costs are avoided, so bulk purchases are economically viable.

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